Accept Western Union

Online Casinos that accept Western Union Deposits

3 Diamonds Online Casino : $50 monthly deposit bonus
At 3 Diamonds Online Casino you can take a break, get away from it all and escape the doldrums and stress of the everyday world. So take a deep breath and unwind…you deserve it! This casino is your wish come true. Upscale, yet friendly. Simple, yet sophisticated. Understated, yet fashionable.

3 Diamonds Online Casino

Global Player Casino : $30 initial deposit bonus
GLOBAL PLAYER CASINO is not just another Internet Casino. They are unequalled in many ways: Their Roulette limits are far higher than anywhere else on the Internet, and they offer a unique mixture of special features, some of which are patented. Take, for instance, their multi-player games in real time, the linked slot machines with huge progressive jackpots and automatic play, the choice of internationally favored and accepted game variations and their chat at multi-player tables.

Global Player Casino

49er Online Casino : $75 monthly deposit bonus
49er Online Casino is styled after the wild, wild west of centuries past! Remember to bring yer cowboy hat, an easy-going attitude and a great, big smile…but please, leave yer dag-gone six-shooter at the door ’cause we don’t want no trouble. You got that!? This casino is for the rough and tough cowboy or cowgirl in all of us! Just be sure to mind yer damn manners!